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Time to Say Goodbye

Another cut down day has arrived

2015 Roster Cuts

Cut down day is always bittersweet around the YFFL.

Along with the excitement of the impending draft and dawning of a new season, we have to say goodbye to some stalwarts that have filled the league with excitement for many years.

Among the casualties this season were:

Maurice Jones-Drew, a career member of the Refugees, who despite being drafted in the 3rd Round of the 2006 Draft, went onto 528 career points (13th all-time among RBs) and was a member of 2 championship teams, including winning the Super Bowl XIV MVP Award.

Reggie Wayne, another 3rd Round draft pick, the 4th leading scorer all-time among WRs with 652 points and a 4-time Pro Bowler.

Wes Welker, who rose from obscurity to post 409 career points (22nd all-time among WRs) and member of the Super Bowl XVI champion Snapdragons team.

Steven Jackson, longtime Fightin' Mallard and the 16th highest scoring RB in history with 504 career points.

To these players and many more, we say thank you for the memories and remind everyone that Reggie Wayne is probably a totally serviceable WR4 this year with the Patriots.

CLICK HERE for the full list of cuts...


Todd Gurley


First Time, Long Time

The rumors are true! "King of All YFFL Media" Steve Dugas and "New Dad" Bobby Sansone have launched the YFFL's first podcast (coming soon to iTunes). Listen in as Steve and Bobby discuss the off-season, the draft, the impact of Todd Gurley's health, and their wives' reactions to the fact that they're doing a fantasy football podcast in their spare time.

Mel Kiper Jr.

Kiper Jr.

Just the Facts...and the Fictions

In an attempt to block Steve "King of All YFFL Media" Dugas from writing the entire preseason narrative, GMs Ryan Gibbons and Kurt Willette chime in with their first Fact or Fiction of 2015. Topics include Llamas vs. Eaters, Rotoworld, the Beans draft woes and what's up with all those Mel Kiper Jr. style mock drafts?

Dez Bryant


(Monkey) Business As Usual?

Dez Bryant and the Orangutangs are coming off back-to-back AFC championships and a Super Bowl win in 2014. They should be in the driver's seat of the AFC East, right? Not so fast, says Steve Dugas, who thinks another beast is rising in the East thanks to the confluence of talent and circumstances. Steve has your AFC East preview.