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How 'Bout Them Thugs!

A healthy Arian Foster has the 2010 Champs back on top

Arian Foster


That's not a weird double-play - those are the number of wins for the Thugs since 2010, the year that they made an improbable run to a Super Bowl championship behind Peyton Hillis, Dwayne Bowe and the rest of a cast of misfits that all seemed to peak for one magical season.

Fast forward to 2014, and could history be repeating itself? Fresh off a 82-45 drubbing of the Refugees, the Thugs now stand in sole possession of first place of the AFC West and are the highest scoring team in the league. All this after a Stupor Bowl appearance just last year. So how did this happen?

While a breakthrough season for Andrew Luck has grabbed headlines, the real story may be the Thugs backfield. After an injury-riddled 2013, Arian Foster is showing why he's still one of the best RBs in the game, Ahamd Bradshaw has been a touchdown machine (scoring in 4 of his 5 starts), and Joique Bell has continued his steady play to the tune of 26 points. Together the trio has combined for 128 points, the most by any team's RBs, and has owner Bobby Sansone thinking of 2010 all over again.

Elsewhere around the league, the Dragons fended off the Brothers thanks to a 4-point effort from DeAndre Hopkins on MNF to move to 6-1, the Orangutangs took a 1-game lead in the AFC East after winning a 75-51 shootout with the Buddies, the Chickens lost back-to-back games for the first time since 2011, and the atrocious YFFL Thursday Night match-up between the White Guys and Beans was beaten in the ratings by the season premiere of "Bones" and a repeat of "The Blacklist" as viewers turned away in droves.


Tatum Bell


Just the Facts

Fact or Fiction makes it triumphant return as GMs Kurt Willette and Ryan Gibbons try to separate fantasy from reality as they discuss whether owners should be able to make trades with themselves, the 2014 draft, Le'Veon vs. Tatum Bell, Steve, what Mike keeps in his basement and more.

Peyton Manning


Good Buddies

Peyton Manning has scored 18 points or more in every game this season and together with collection of young RBs, the Buddies are flying high. Can they remain at #1 in the Power Rankings as Bobby Sansone returns this week? They face-off with the Orangutangs in a key AFC battle as Week 7 approaches.

Andrew Luck


Will Luck Run Out?

The resurgence of the Thugs thanks to Bearded-American Andrew Luck's breakout season has been one of many big stories this season, but will they have enough to make the playoffs in what looks like a suddenly loaded AFC West? That's one of many topics that Llamas GM Ryan Gibbons covers in his 2014 Mid-Season Extravaganza.