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Twice is Nice

Anquan Boldin's TD on MNF delivered another championship to the Chickens

Anquan Boldin

Perhaps unlike any defending champion before them, the Chunky Chickens entered the 2013 season with a definite swagger. They were good, they knew it, and nobody was going to deny that greatness.

So when they entered Sunday night down 22 points in Super Bowl XXI, they didn't panic. They went to business.

After a back-and-forth Sunday afternoon that saw the Orangutangs get out to an early lead thanks to struggles from Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham, late season addition Donald Brown kept the champs afloat with a career high 16 points until Brees finally found Graham in the end zone, which appeared to be the turning point the Chickens needed. However, the 'Tangs counterpunched with a second TD from Eric Decker, a late TD pass from Tony Romo and a short TD reception from Shane Vereen to take back the reins.

When Marshawn Lynch failed twice to score from a yard out in his late afternoon game, it looked like the 'Tangs might be a team of destiny.

That's when the Super Bowl XXI MVP stepped up. A lynchpin of the Chickens' success, LeSean McCoy delivered yet again with a signature 18 point performance that put the Chickens within striking distance on Monday night. When Anquan Boldin found the end zone during the third quarter of Monday Night Football, it was a coda to a story that the Chickens already knew was true: they were the champions, even if history hadn't recognized them yet.

Last year's championship proved that the Chickens could get it done in the playoffs; this one proved that they were more than just Brees and Graham (who combined for just 12 points) and that yes, they did have depth when they needed it (Brown's 16 points).

With a roster that is fully locked and loaded for 2014, what will a third championship prove?

As Ric Flair once said, "to be the man, you have to beat the man." The Orangutangs put up a good fight, but just weren't quite man enough to take down the champs. Congratulations to the Chunky Chickens, your Super Bowl XXI (and back-to-back) champions.


Jamaal Charles


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