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#@!%...I've Been Cut Already?

"Most of these guys never had a prime..."

Willie Mays Hayes

If you've been looking for signs of the up-and-down, hit-and-miss nature of today's YFFL landscape, look no further than this season's list of cuts.

For every Tony Gonzalez, you'll find dozens of flame-outs, near misses and never were's. Blaine Gabbert, Mark Sanchez, Johnathan Franklin, Roy Helu, Rashard Mendenhall, Daniel Thomas, Zach Sudfeld, Greg Little...the list goes on.

All 1st Round draft picks, some burned bright before fading just as quickly, some never lived up to their potential and some were dead on arrival.

With the YFFL Draft looming this weekend, will the 2014 Draft Class live up to their hype or add more fuel to the fire?

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Rob Gronkowski


Gronk Smash!

Coming off a 6-win season, thin at WR and sporting an aging back field, the Refugees are headed for a long season, right? "Not so fast, my friend," says Nick Wood. A healthy Gronk, a better-than-you-think group of RBs and the #6 pick in the draft could have Aceto's squad competing this season. Their preview is the latest in the Postcards from Camp series.

Julius Thomas


Overabundance of TE

Kevin Sansone and the Huskers have been shopping their trio of tight ends since the beginning of August; today they found a buyer. The Mallards sent Randall Cobb to the Huskers in exchange for Julius Thomas, in a move that will attempt to fill a perennial weak spot for the Mallards and shore up WR for the Huskers while Josh Gordon continues his reign as "Highest Searched Player" on Rotoworld for the 36th consecutive week.

Adrian Peterson


The Great White Hype

With Steve on the West Coast scouting prospects, Nick Wood continues the Postcards from Camp series with a look at the White Guys. Can Adrian Peterson and the defending NFC East champs replicate their success from last season or is Father Time starting to catch up with them?