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Ready for Takeoff

With a loaded class of rookies, where does C.J. Anderson fit into the 2015 Draft?

CJ Anderson

Holding 80% of the first round picks* of the 2015 YFFL Draft, Mallards and Merry Men owner Steve Dugas has had a collection of weeknights (and hey, maybe a weekend afternoon?) in late August circled for months.

After sifting through free agent offensive lineman signings, combine results and legally questionable hidden camera footage, Steve has assembled his first Mock Draft of the 2015 season a full two weeks earlier than ever before.

Will Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota go 1-2? How does Todd Gurley's injury affect his draft status? Where should C.J. Anderson end up? Steve tackles these questions and more as we kick off coverage of the 2015 YFFL season.

* estimation