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Sam I Am

Sammy Watkins was the #1 overall pick in the 2014 YFFL Draft

Sammy Watkins

In a draft that appeared to be chock full of talent, wide receiver Sammy Watkins rose to the top, becoming the first overall selection by the Market Thugs and the first receiver to go #1 overall since Dez Bryant in 2010.

Wide receiver was the theme of an unpredictable first round, as 8 wideouts were drafted in the first thirteen picks. A trio of quarterbacks (Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Blake Bortles) closed out the final 5 picks of the first round as teams contineud to pursue the next franchise QB in a league that has become very pass happy.

From Eddie Lacy to RGIII, rookies have proven they can have a big impact in their first seasons, including vaulting teams into playoff contention. Who will be the "next big thing" in 2014? The season kicks off on September 4th!


Greg Olsen


One Man Wrecking Crew

There is little doubt that the Burger Buddies would not have enjoyed their success last season without a career year from tight end / Thor impersonator Greg Olsen. The Son of Odin, Olsen shattered the 2 point barrier five times in 2013 enroute to a 44-point season. His play making ability will surely be the only deciding factor in whether the Buddies top the AFC West again this year. Nick Wood has a preview.

Aaron Rodgers


Another Flame Out?

The loss of Aaron Rodgers and a 1-3-1 finish to the season was too much for the Dragons to overcome in 2013, as they missed out on the playoffs for the second consecutive season. With a healthy Rodgers but an aging roster, will the Dragons bounce back in 2014? Nick Wood forecasts their destiny in the latest Postcard from Camp.

Nick Foles


NickFoleon Dynamite

The Eaters were a game away from making their first playoff appearance since 2008 last season. Will a full season of new starting QB Nick Foles put them back into the postseason or will they be looking to Philip Rivers by midseason? Nick Wood examines the Eaters in the latest entry in the Postcards from Camp series.