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Dragons Den

Aaron Rodgers brought home a fourth title with some help from his friends

Aaron Rodgers

After a decade of playoff success that saw the Dragons win five conference titles and three Super Bowls, the Dragons were 0-3 in the postseason since 2010 heading into this year.

While one of the most consistent regular season performers, much of the blame could be laid at the feet of Aaron Rodgers, who posted a measly 12 points in those 3 games, including two zero point efforts.

With Rodgers continuing his late season struggles this season, it looked like his teammates were going to have to pick him up if the Dragons had a shot at erasing those recent playoff struggles.

Thanks to double digit performances from Matt Forte, Doug Baldwin, Delanie Walker, DeAndre Hopkins and Super Bowl MVP Frank Gore over the past two weeks, the Dragons overcame underwhelming games from Rodgers to handle the Brothers and Merry Men and become the first four-time Super Bowl champions in YFFL history.

The victory was especially sweet for Gore, who was unable to compete in the Dragons' 2008 title victory and puts a stamp on a storied career with the franchise.

Congratulations to the Snapdragons, your Super Bowl XXIII champions!

2015 YFFL Award Winners

Carson Palmer


Most Valuable Player

Carson Palmer - Brothers (26 of 33 possible points)

Palmer posted a career season to guide the Brothers to a division title amidst a rash of injuries and capture his second MVP award.

Marcus Mariota


Rookie of the Year

Marcus Mariota - Beans (28 of 33 possible points)

Mariota spearheaded a turnaround season for a Beans franchise that had been decimated by RGIII, posting 4 games of 20+ points enroute to the second highest season by a rookie (trailing only, hmmm...RGIII).

Devonta Freeman


Macor Misa

Devonta Freeman - Boys (19 of 33 possible points)

Freeman burst onto the YFFL scene in Week 3 with 24 points and never looked back, totaling 96 points (1st among RBs), garnering MVP support and turning the Boys into a feared title contender.

Brian Davidson


Owner of the Year

Brian Davidson (28 of 33 possible points)

Davidson wore his Patriots headband with pride this season, riding Tom Brady to a near playoff spot with the Poop and guiding the Brothers to a division title after making a brilliant trade for Brandon Marshall on draft day.