Nov 13, 2022 11:05am Mike Kinsman

My game of the week

As some of you recover from Chris D's wedding, and Callum Kinsman and I watch the Hawks get rolled on an early morning in Seattle, I'm looking forward to following this game:

Llamas versus The Merry Boys. Justin Fields is being used as he should be by the Bears (running the ball) and Barkley is back from a bye with a favorable Texans matchup.
The Mortgage Broker (Steve) has two Cowboys WRs that could have big games against Green Bay. Don't count him out yet - although we all know he's hoping for a loss... Younghoe Koo whiffed on two XPs and PJ Walker technically plays for two teams tanking this year. I have a feeling this team has some garbage time TDs left in the tank with Sanders playing Washington and Clyde against the Jags.
A low scoring game, but fun for me to track! Maybe Steve makes a move to acquire Watson for his hopeful Stuper Bowl run?!?

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