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Join Steve and Bobby as they discuss the league's biggest news on the YFFL's first (and only) podcast!


Put a Gun to My Head


Steve manages to escape his family for 30 minutes and join Bobby to preview the playoffs, discuss the latest news around the league and figure out the best place to hide a Power Wheels.

Episode Title Summary
#42Put a Gun to My Head
Steve manages to escape his family for 30 minutes and join Bobby to preview the playoffs, discuss the latest news around the league and figure out the best place to hide a Power Wheels.Listen
#41Duck Hunt
Steve and Bobby are back together to discuss all the latest news in the YFFL and attempt to wrap their heads around this wild season. Discussion points include the Llamas' demise, who exactly is on the Big Boys roster, the resurrection of Matthew Stafford and CMC's monster season.Listen
#40Living in Hoboken, Living the Good Life
Steve and Bobby recap the latest developments in the league, Steve makes the outrageous claim that Wentz is Pro Football Talk's Number 1 ranked QB and the pair preview the weekend's slate of games.Listen
#39YFFL After Dark
Steve and Bobby discuss the latest news around the league including Mike's Picks, the worst waiver wire in years, the return of Nick and make their Week 3 picks.Listen
#38All These Jake Butt Texts
Steve and Bobby overreact to Week 1, debate which team is in the most trouble after one game and pick the Week 2 games.Listen
#37$220 Flamingo
Steve and Bobby return with the first YFFL Podcast of 2019! They catch up on the events of the summer, the renewed Steve-Ed feud, recap Mike's wedding events and oh yeah, talk about the YFFL draft and make team-by-team predictions.Listen
Steve and Bobby review the season, discuss the emergence of the Buddies, the White Guys chances of running the table and predict who will be on the YFFL awards ballot. Plus, is Aaron Rodgers good anymore?Listen
A fired up Steve rants about his 0-9-1 winless streak followed by a discussion on the greatness of the White Guys. The guys then go around the league discussing a wide variety of topics.Listen
#34Welcome Aliens
LIVE from New Mexico, Steve and Bob kick things off with a welfare check on Steve after an 0-6 run since the last podcast. Then they go around the league and discuss all the latest news and notes before wrapping things up with Week 6 predictions.Listen
#33He Should Be Selling Insurance in Pittsburgh
In an "emergency" podcast edition, Steve and Bobby break down the big trade between the Buddies and Llamas, discuss all the latest news around the YFFL and share their disdain for telemarketing calls.Listen
#32What 10 Year Old Kids Does He Know?
In the first podcast of the year, Steve and Bobby recap the draft, make their predictions for the season and look ahead to Week 1.Listen
#31A Coconut Birthday
The playoffs are here! But first, Steve and Kevin discuss what Scott Dugas wants for Christmas, Steve's syrup operation and NSFW calendars that are SFW before getting around to recapping Week 13 and previewing the postseason.Listen
#30I Should Have Listened to Nick Wood
Week 13 is upon us, and Steve and Kevin get together to discuss the final week of the season, an early look at the playoffs, end of season awards, the lack of scoring in 2017, and yes, even Joe Flacco.Listen
#29The New Culpepper
The three man booth is back, as Kevin joins Steve and Bobby to discuss the Deshaun Watson injury, re-do the 2017 Draft, chart the playoff races, make some Week 10 predictions and spend 3 and 1/2 (more) minutes on Joe Flacco.Listen
#28Autocorrects to Flaccid
Bobby is back this week and sits down with Steve to discuss the latest developments in the league, including Aceto's hot start, the Chickens big win, the Curse of the Brothers, Huskers football talk and Nick moonlighting as a wedding planner.Listen
#27Is He Your Neighbor or Is He Homeless?
It's a three-man booth this week as Mike Kinsman joins Steve and Kevin to discuss Scott Dugas' first haircut in four months, who they would choose to start an expansion team with, Dealin' Doug Martin, Crab Legs, ASJ, mainlining with Kurt Cobain, and make Meatball's Picks.Listen
#26Business Telephone Operating Systems
Kevin joins Steve this week to discuss the mysterious disappearance of Bobby Sansone, a possible name change for the Llamas, who will win the NFC West and the Buddies rebuilding process.Listen
#25The Vegas LIVE Show
Bobby calls in LIVE from Vegas to recap the draft with Steve. Then the guys preview the YFFL season and make their predictions. All that, plus a Donald Igwebuike reference!Listen
#24Steve Who? Dugas Who?
Steve recounts his family vacation to NYC and how he saved $16 and then the guys breakdown Thursday's big trade before getting into a whole lot of draft talk.Listen
#23We Support All Names
Like that time He-Man teamed up with Skeletor to take on Evilseed, Super Bowl combatants Nick Wood and Kurt Willette join forces to fight the threat of no podcast this week. The two GMs recap the Conference title games, preview the Super Bowl, cover Christmas shopping woes and debate which YFFL owner they would build a flag football team around.Listen
#22Does Your Grandmother Need Her Driveway Plowed?
Nick joins Bobby this week to discuss Alan Thicke's shocking death and the Mallards demise at the hands of the Dragons. Nick wonders if Ryan will get the keys to Kevin's Mohawk Mountain timeshare if he wins the Championship while Bobby lays out the groundwork for a Kirk Cousins trade to the Buddies. The guys then make their predictions for this weekend's Conference Championship game and spend under a minute talking about the Stupor Bowl playoffs!Listen
#21The Job Has Already Been Done
Bobby calls Steve to get his reaction to the instant classic Thugs-Merry Men game but mostly just to rub salt in his wounds. Steve reveals some personal medical information and the guys breakdown this week's Wild Card games. Plus, in-depth analysis of the Stupor Bowl Playoffs!Listen
#20An Absolute Quaqmire
Steve gets Bobby caught up on the YFFL and all the Week 13 post season scenarios. The guys also ponder how Mike and Brian connected with each other for the Greg Olsen trade, the impact of Rob Gronkowski's injury and lick their chops over the 2017 YFFL draft, which is just nine months away!Listen
#19Al Del Greco, Maybe?
Steve and Bobby marvel at the Chickens rise from the ashes, investigate why the Thugs didn't use their last waiver move, discuss the league's biggest disappointments including Alshon Jeffery, Christine Michel, and Blair Walsh and ponder if the league's waiver wire system should be modified.Listen
#18Make the YFFL Great Again
Kevin joins Bobby this week to re-live a stunning election night, rank it among the greatest upsets of all time and Bobby offers emotional support to Clinton supporters. Then the brothers take a whirlwind journey around the YFFL and discuss a variety of topics including if Melvin Gordon is the YFFL MVP.Listen
#17I've Never Heard of Those Names
Steve and Bobby deliver Russell Wilson's eulogy, pay tribute to Arian Foster's remarkable career, breakdown the Merry Men - Chickens trade, take listener questions and find out if Scott Dugas wears a "Make America Great Again" hat.Listen
#16Tinder at the Magic Kingdom
Steve and Bobby discuss the Llamas chances of running the table, why NFL ratings are down, Bobby's Idaho vacation, and make their picks for this week's games.Listen
#15Glenn Foley
Steve and Bobby re-live Steve's misery of losing to the Thugs, help Mike find a QB for the Buddies, share random thoughts around the league, and play GM for the Refugees, Chickens, and Bear.Listen
#14The Best Cotton Undies You've Ever Worn
Steve and Bobby discuss the depleted waiver wire and why the Buddies didn't sign Cody Kessler. They also make their predictions for this weekend's games and give an oral history of Cleveland Browns kickers!Listen
#13I'm Missing Designated Survivor For This
Steve and Bobby discuss their thoughts on Keifer Sutherland's return to Network TV in "Designated Survivor", break down the YFFL season so far, including whether the Tangs and Refugees can bounce back from 0-2 starts and what the future holds for Ezekiel Elliot, Adrian Peterson, Sammy Watkins, and Jay Cutler. Plus, Steve swears that drafting from the Labor & Delivery room was Becky's idea.Listen
#12My Glass of Chardonnay
It's a special edition of the YFFL Podcast in which Bobby and Kevin discuss Steve's bold decision to draft from the delivery room and how many years he'll be in the doghouse for. Plus, we dissect the draft and give our predictions for the 2016 YFFL season!Listen
#11Gus the Dog is NOT the Rookie of the Year
Steve and Bobby revisit Bobby's brutal fantasy weekend, discover the Bear started 7-1 but missed the playoffs, voice their displeasure with Matt Ryan, laugh about how bad everyone's preseason predictions were, and oh yeah, breakdown this week's playoff match-ups.Listen
#10Let's Make Sure You're Not Tanking
Steve and Bobby talk a lot of Merry Men vs Thugs, struggle to do the math to determine who gets into the playoffs in the NFC, and dream about how awesome it would be to be able to watch the 4:00 games if we didn't have families.Listen
#9Llamas Double Jeopardy
Steve and Bobby discuss how pathetic their teams are, express fear that the Chickens are still mathematically alive and debate who will win the Macor Misor award.Listen
Steve and Bobby discuss possible landing spots for Drew Brees, get a good laugh out of Chris picking the wrong QB again, and revisit the misery of realizing both of Steve's teams had already lost after the Thursday night game.Listen
#7No, I Don't Want to Talk Huskers Football
Steve and Bobby recap the Merry Men vs Refugees Instant Classic, discuss if this is the end of the line for Arian Foster, rave about Todd Gurley, rant about Jordan Matthews and yes, talk some Huskers football.Listen
#6It's Bad, It's Bad...It's Really Bad
Steve and Bobby re-live Steve's fantasy misery (again), discuss if they feel bad for Nick and the Chickens, ponder the curious case of the Memphis Brothers devastating injuries and theorize on how an iPad could go through the washer.Listen
#5The Dog Lover In Her
Steve and Bobby re-live Steve's misery from Week 4, debate who are the best teams in the league, re-do the 2015 Draft, and try to determine if any player on the Chickens roster is worth trading for a 1st Round draft pick.Listen
#4If You See Harvard or Yale
Steve and Bobby give the eulogy for the Chickens dynasty, discuss the hottest topics around the league and express our disappointment with the latest Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial.Listen
#3My Kids Were In My Face
Steve and Bobby break down the Week 1 action, look ahead to Week 2, discuss if Chris loses sleep over choosing the wrong QB every week and how having a family makes it nearly impossible to watch the 4:30 games.Listen
#2I Ate a Walnut By Mistake
Steve and Bobby recap the draft, make their season predictions and debate if the Refugees are good enough to meet their contractual obligation of finishing 7-6.Listen
#1Better Than Dealing Drugs
Steve and Bobby break down the off-season, preview the draft, and discuss their wives' reactions to announcing that they'll be doing a YFFL podcast.Listen