2022 Award Results

Jon Kinsman, YFFL Commissioner

December 26, 2022

With 4 teams finishing the year with double digit wins and 4 teams with double digit losses, 2022 was a year of have's and have not's in the YFFL. These were the players, owners and general managers that stood out this season.

Most Valuable Player

QB Jalen Hurts - Chickens

With back-to-back NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers on the roster, it took a lot of guts for general manager Nick Wood to choose to hand the franchise over to a quarterback that had 8 career points heading into the 2022 season. However, Wood saw the writing on the wall and was handsomely rewarded as Jalen Hurts scored a staggering 222 points in his first full-time YFFL season (including 5 games where he topped 20+ points) to lead the Chickens to their finest regular season finish (13-1) and a possible fourth Super Bowl title.

Player 1st 2nd 3rd Total*
Jalen Hurts 7 4 0 29
Patrick Mahomes 4 4 1 21
Joe Burrow 0 3 2 8
Tony Pollard 0 0 4 4
Josh Allen 0 0 2 2
Travis Kelce 0 0 2 2

Rookie of the Year

RB Kenneth Walker III - Dragons

In a season where a number of rookies made big splashes over short periods of time, RB Kenneth Walker III tallied the most points (66) once he took over the Seattle backfield towards the midpoint of the season. This included three games where he scored 2 touchdowns. Along with WR Ja'Marr Chase, the Dragons now tout back-to-back Rookie of the Year winners as they attempt to rebound from a disappointing 2022 campaign.

Player 1st 2nd 3rd Total*
Kenneth Walker III 9 2 0 31
Dameon Pierce 2 6 2 20
Christian Watson 0 1 3 5
Garrett Wilson 0 1 2 4
Breece Hall 0 1 1 3
Chris Olave 0 0 3 3

Macor Misa

QB Geno Smith - Thugs

Geno Smith was thought of so lowly that in a league where it's often a struggle to find a starting quarterback, he wasn't even drafted despite earning the role for Seattle out of training camp. However, the Mallards picked him up after a hot start, traded him to the Thugs for a 2nd Round pick, and Geno ended up starting (and leading) the Thugs to a Wild Card berth. His 104 points were the first of his 9 year YFFL career and were integral in the Thugs' flip of their 3-11 record from a year ago.

Player 1st 2nd 3rd Total*
Geno Smith 6 4 1 27
Jamaal Williams 2 3 3 15
Jeff Garcia 2 2 2 12
Russell Wilson 1 2 2 9
D'Onta Foreman 0 0 2 2
Jeff Wilson 0 0 1 1

Owner of the Year

Mike Kinsman - Buddies & Chickens

This was without a doubt owner Mike Kinsman's finest year, and that's saying a lot for someone who has racked up a staggering 25 division titles. The Buddies tallied 840 points (2nd most all-time) while fending off the upstart Thugs for a NFC West crown (their 4th in 5 years) and the Chickens enjoyed their best regular season ever (13-1) thanks to GM Nick Wood's shrewd decision-making (starting QB Jalen Hurts, trading for RB Austin Ekeler). It all led up to an eye-popping 25-3 record, a feat that will be hard to top in the coming years and decades.

Owner 1st 2nd 3rd Total*
Mike Kinsman 10 1 0 32
Bobby Sansone 1 9 1 22
Brian Davidson 0 1 6 8
Anthony Aceto 0 0 3 3
Steve Dugas* 0 0 1 1

* Received 1 write-in vote for "assisting all of the playoff teams"